Sunday, August 3, 2008

KV Chatter

A bunch of almost 60 year old guys talking about the prospect of meeting their former coach's son leads to a discussion about King Hero, mortadella, Manhattan Special and the Journal American. A Rorschach Test for some undiagnosed mental disturbance or some unknown path to a lost 1960 Rod Serling screenplay?
This Allan kid has just the right moxie. And just because he was born with a silver(stein) spoon in his mouth doesn't mean he isn't fit to lead the mob. I'm gonna take up my sword and shield and meet him down by the riverside. Is there anybody out there going to team up and take that lonesome ride along with me? Set to rock the coliseum? Let's say we pow wow down with Larry the supposed son of Harry by where the pretty waters flow between the two bridges and take the whole deal apart piece by piece. Do I have any takers? Or do I rightly hear the cyber space teeming with KVers astride their steeds? Early comers can reasonably expect to be served slithering strands of Chinatown lo mein which upon closer inspection - buyer beware - may turn out to be a gaggle closely entwined brown snakes, notoriously poisonous but also susceptible to calming with the invocation of just the right kind of klezmer. I await the go-ahead from the Pascha of Oceanside. Sharpen those blades and oil those armor joints. Destiny awaits. See my point?

I fed that through my special secret service-enhanced Son Of Seth translator device, (currently being used to interpret the tortured Arabic screams of Guantanamo detainees) and it says, "Why don't we try to have a special lmrc meet up with Larry in Chinatown, do you hear what I'm saying?"

Son of Harry meets Son of Sam; yeh that's the ticket. Lower East Side here I come, gotta get some greenie half sours anyway. So we want the truth? Can we handle the truth? On you huskies; LES, where ? When?

I would agree a sit down with Son of Harry is reason enough for a special get together.
See what I'm saying here. you get the point. can you gig it.

and how about the 'insides' of the hero bread that most of us would extract prior to presenting the bread to the counter person to be transformed into a sandwich?...Do you know WHERE those insides ended up...I'll give you a clue:

In an 'abandoned' underground military facility in Pringle, South Dakota, legend has it that sitting in a gigantic, sealed, lead lined room over 1000 feet below ground level, there is this perfect sphere that measures over 400 feet in diameter...this sphere emits a source of energy that has never been harnessed on energy that COULD replace fossil fuels; an energy that makes the oil conglomerate very nervous...and what is this sphere made of?....Yeah, you guessed it: the insides of all those Italian hero breads that we THOUGHT we had want fries with all this????

Manhattan Specials...excellent observation! Tell me, is this a coincidence: "Manhattan Specials ... Manhattan Project"...was there 'outside' help on both of these projects???
If you can find one of the bottles from that era, carefully remove the Manhattan Special label; place the label into water at 58 degrees Fahrenheit mixed with a 5% solution of Mission orange soda (good catch Bob)...after about 10 minutes, a curious message will be prepared to have all you THINK you know put through a cosmic Veg-O-Matic!

Or the Hires Root Beer. What about the Manhattan Specials? What about those?

And let's not forget the Mission orange soda.

Not only do I concur, I espouse.
And as far as any opposite claims are concerned, I eschew.
Only it wasn't just in the mortadella, what about after the capicola went down?
This delicacy was responsible for one home run getting bounced up and over over over the fence, the result of a triple action energy field.
See what I'm saying here?

According to your theory (which I blindly support), that would make 'King's hero deli' on Market St, the center of our cultural universe; a 'nexus' which holds many of the clues to the questions that went unanswered while we watched 'Crusader Rabbit' on Saturday mornings during our unsupervised be more precise, there is a 37.564% probability that the unsliced mortadella in said location is not of this earth, and consequently a 'conduit', the use of which is either to help us make contact with the source of our quasi-intelligent society, OR, a tasty option with a liitle fresh mozzarella and roasted you concur Dr. ?

Particulars are important. But for the time being let us be guided by the Force. Remember that the Force is with us. And it operates everywhere within a fourteen block radius of the former Journal-American building. That's a proven scientific fact. Inverse function of reigning homeomorphism aside, this partially ordered set is currently being recalculated for the current dimension and will, without question find its leading edge in Oceanside. Corresponding valence may indeed find location on Division - the street and/or the scaled function. I think you see what I'm saying here? Yes I'm quite sure you do. The Force is strong tonight. Strong indeed. In fact and in deed. But mainly indeed.

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