Sunday, March 1, 2009

Kick The Can

We'll take a time out from exploring Ward 6 and come back to home base, Ward 4 as an email was received from Joe Barone in Silver Springs, Maryland. Joe's been added to the KV roll call
Periodically, I come to your blog and although I know some of the people on it (I was born in 62), I do not know all. I lived in KV from 1962 till June 1991 and in fact, my parents still live in the K Building.
Your mind map is missing a couple of things. There is no mention of St. Joseph as a school. There is also no mention of the laundry room in the basement (which I remember as early as 1967 -- when I was five).
In games, you missed Kick the Can (a version of baseball played by kicking a can). This game was played where the playground is on Cherry, Catherine Slip and Water Street. At that time, the park was a series of benches around the edge of park. Inside the bench area, at Catherine and Water was a sewer grate (home plate). First base was a lamppost. Second base was a tree. Third base was one of the concrete "frames" which held up the wooden benches (painted in Park Dept. green).
Keep up the good work.
Joseph Barone
Silver Spring MD

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