Monday, March 2, 2009

Cliff's KV Notes, Part 1: K.V. B.C. (Before Clifford)

Following on the cybersteps of Joseph Barone from Maryland there appears in my in box Cliff Gromer, from way up in the Adirondacks. Cliff's got quite a saga to tell and we've decided that we're going to serialize it. So here's part 1
KV was around before I was, so the following was told to me by Joe Santiago, who was around before KV was built. Joe lived on Henry St. and came from a poor family. He told me that when the buildings were torn down to make way for my future home, a lot of strange plumbing was discovered--like there were secret stills used to make hooch during Prohibition. KV provided Joe an interesting opportunity. Many tenants in the then-new project would have groceries delivered to their door (probably by Kremo on Monroe St.) Joe, who was hungry most of the time, would go around and pilfer items left in the carboard boxes outside tenants' doors. He would take only one or two items from a box, rather than clean it out. So he spread the dearth around equitably. Joe would carry home his haul in the basket on his bicycle. He said he never got caught. (Gee, I thought my wallet was in my back pocket).

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