Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cocktails For Two: Steve Allen

from the youtube description:
Classic Rare Vintage Steve Allen Show Number with all the original Gang.Steve As MC & The gang from left to right- Don Knotts,Pat Harrington Jr(Schneider-one day at a time),(Great Singer)Jo Stafford,(sometime Regular)Tony Randall(Felix Unger),Louie Nye,& Gabe Dell(One Of The original Dead End Kids).Catch Harringtons funny-obnoxious harmonizing-bumping into Stafford & his trade mark early career Horn-rimmed Glasses- Louie Nye's Falsetto Harmony is hysterical-though Randall doesen't think so.Also Don Knotts Sh-t Eating Grin-Smile Throughout.P.S. On a sad note,all of them(except Harrington & Stafford),are Gone.Don't Know How many of Les Brown's Band Members are still around.Les died in 01.

update, the only one still alive now is Pat Harrington Jr.

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