Sunday, March 14, 2010

Not A Proud Moment In KV History: Edward Strickland's Eviction

On the Kestenberg "watch"? I'm sure there were other illegal sublets that did not result in eviction. According to the articles from a previous post about 20% of tenants in 1952 were subletting
another Strickland post from that time
from a 1998 obituary of Strickland. I assume he lived in Massachusetts.
Bay State Banner 09-24-1998: Edward Strickland, 68, educator, artist, writer Edward Strickland, professor of the psychology of visual arts, a friend to artists, and himself an artist and writer, died in the early morning of Sept. 16 at Deaconess Hospital. He succumbed to respiratory failure due to lung cancer. He was 68.
Throughout his life, in his painting, as an arts administrator and critic, and as a individual, Dr. Strickland sided with those who were struggling to achieve equity in society. He was generous with his time on behalf of such efforts, even though it took him away from his studio where he took an intense pleasure in immersing himself in the …

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