Friday, March 19, 2010

RIP Fess Parker

another Mickey Katz gem
I tried to transcribe
Duvid, Duvid Crockett; King of Delancy Street.
Duvid, Duvid Crockett; This boy you've got to meet
Born in the wilds of delancey street
Home of gefilte fish and kosher meat
Handy with a knife, oh her zich tzi
He flicked him a chicken, when he was only 3
Duvid, Duvid Crocket, he sat in the sun und gerocket (rocked) und gebaket (baked)
Duvid, Duvid Crocket, King of Delancey Street
In eighteen-toiteen, he fought "Indianes,"
Den came the "Litvaks" and the "Galitzianes,"
Ah Ver derharget redskins all over the shteitle,
He never lost his head...he never lost his sheitle.
Duvid, Duvid Crockett;
Duvid, Duvid Crockett; King of Delancy Street.
He went down south, lookin' for a meidle.
Met a little tsatskele called DaisyFreidle.
From near und far, dey came to the "chippie,"
Elected him president of the B'nai Mississippi.
Mazeltov Duvid Crockett; mazeltov the mama and the altacocker
Mazeltov Duvid Crockett; King of Delancy Street.

previously on Davy and Fess Parker, who passed away yesterday at age 85

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