Monday, March 22, 2010

Guadalcanal Diaries 2

from another site on Guadalcanal

with the Pacific being shown on HBO. I thought I'd post this, which I never did to accompany part 1 from 3 years ago. Jon Seda plays John Basilone who was a medal of honor winner
audio from:
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Siege Marked First American Offensive of World War II
Aug. 7, 2002 -- Sixty years ago today, thousands of U.S. Marines splashed ashore on a remote island in the southwest Pacific, called Guadalcanal. The first American offensive of World War II, their mission was to seize an airfield. What followed was six months of desperate struggle against not only the Japanese military, but heat, jungle, rain, disease and hunger.
In a two-part series for NPR/National Geographic Radio Expeditions, Neal Conan visits some of the famous battle sites and talks with veterans about the crucial struggle.

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