Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The KV Journeyman In Portland

quote from the journeyman, fake picture from the KV webmaster
Had the pleasure of spending a lovely evening at the Kuperstein Kastle here in Portland, Oregon. Laura and Marvin's hospitality was wonderful, the chef's shrimp and steak delicious, and the house nice and cozy.
Plus I met the entire Kuperstein family: daughter Becky, her husband Dan and very pretty daughter Sasha, and Laura and Marv's second daughter Risa. Fun conversation, laughs and the opportunity to discuss KV dealings never told to the children, and Laura, previously. One highlight was explaining the different rules of one court vs. two court punchball and describing how one actually "punches" the ball (not Allan's method, however).
Folks, there truly is life outside of the NY metro area or the East Coast. Although we couldn't see Mt. St. Helen last night (did see it from the airplane), their neighborhood and the city is truly idyllic.
A picture of Marv, Laura, Risa, and an old man is forthcoming from Marv. Gomez, the dog, did not get in the pixels.

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