Thursday, July 10, 2008

Lepke And Walter Winchell: Part 1

I came across a great audio treat at Pat Hamou's six for five site
Walter Winchell had a huge impact on early 20th century journalism with his ability to translate the tempo and staccato rhythm of 1920s New York into the printed word, and then translating that talent onto radio. He was the 'King of the Scoop', his reports colorful and more than likely exaggerated, reaching over 89 % of the American public through his columns and radio show. Winchell broadcasted his actual involvement in the surrender and capture Louis 'Lepke' Buchalter to the FBI's J. Edgar Hoover in 1939. Some of Lepke's henchmen contacted Winchell personally in order to co-ordinate the hand over to Hoover, whom he knew personally. Winchell could smell a great scoop a mile away, and agreed to play the middleman, solidifying his huge cultural influence at the time over the general public. Walter Winchell: The Story Of Murder Inc. was released by Dot Records during the mid-1960s and is rather hard to track down these days. Its a unique and fun aural artifact, giving you a real sense of Winchell's old New York patter and storytelling, accented by a dramatic horn section.

Pat had 5 separate audio files. For the above slideshow I took the first audio file and combined it with pics of Winchell and Lepke

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