Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sheriff Street: Lost LES Street

I spotted this sign while I was on the LES on Monday 6/30. From forgotten-ny:
Originally from Grand Street at East Broadway north to East Houston Street.
Sheriff Street appears on maps as early as 1797. It most likely takes its name from Colonel Marinus Willett, who was Sheriff of New York from 1784-88 and later Mayor (1807) A short stretch of Sheriff is still there under the Williamsburg Bridge. The Amalgamated Dwellings (1930) (south of Delancey) and the Masaryk Towers (north of Delancey)surround that stretch.
Ethel Rosenberg's (Greenglass) family lived at 64 Sheriff Street

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr.Bellel for the foto of Sheriff Street!!! I was born at 96 Sheriff Street...and believed that if had been taken off the face of the Earth!