Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hamilton Madison House Girl Scouts: 1963

from Sarah:
In the Girl Scouts photo, we're in the Land & Sea Church on Market Street - Reverend Younger's church (father of Dana and Judy - husband of Dodi). Notice we're lighting a menorah. I'm in the middle. I recognize all the girls but can only put names to (l-r) Mindy Berkowitz, Dorita Dolansky (what dimples!) half of Merilee Lienweber on the end and Wendy Parker to Merilee's right What are the other girl's names?


Anonymous said...

OMG - that is my girl scout troop. The girl behind the menorah is Helene Goodman (one of my closest friends) BTW, Youngers' also had a younger son, Samuel.

Jimmie Reese said...

I think there is either confusion about the church or the Reverend.
Younger was connected with Mariner's Temple. The Church of Sea and Land
had a Reverend Romig.