Monday, October 20, 2008

Mickmas Day

video clip from,"Mickey Mantle In His Own Words"
Today is Mickmas Day, Mickey Mantle's birthday.
The Mick would be disappointed today that the Yanks are not in the series, especially with the old stadium closing. He feels Joe G. did a credible job, but disappointed in management's not going after Santana. I have to admit myself that I didn't see the worth in that move until I saw the kind of clutch player that Johan is, the kind that the Mick was and that Yogi and Whitey were and that Derek is (usually). Mick wouldn't be grinning happily over his individual accomplishments like Abreu did. I'm sure Abreu wil be gone and hopefully another switch hitter, Mark Teixeira, will wear pinstripes. I hope too that Mick is enjoying Nancy's company and vice versa.

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