Saturday, October 18, 2008

Wonderama 2, Plus KV Chatter

not a Wonderama clip, but from another of Sandy Becker's shows
From Sarah (not Palin)
I'll have you know that I won the spelling bee on Wonderama. Nancy can vouch for me. She was the runner up. Nancy and I were known for our fits of giggling that lasted inordinate amounts of time. We had one upon hearing the fanfare playing which is when we became aware we were the last ones standing. Sonny Fox really got pissed. They had to edit out many minutes of our laughing. Then Nancy started to not feel so well and she finally bungled a word that we both knew she knew. I won on 'orchestra' which happened to have been one of our spelling words that week. I was awarded an Emenee ukulele and dinner for my family at the Luau 400. The next time we were on Wonderama, a trainer lost control of his lion. The camera men ran like hell and so did all the kids, thru the back halls of the studio. Our parents were sitting upstairs in the glassed in observation room. When the coast was clear and we were reseated in the studio, the floor was covered with the sequins from the lion trainers costume.

From Nancy
I was really nervous and spelled picnic wrong. There was a girl that lived at 40 Monroe St, 2nd floor. She was scratched by the lion. Her parents sued. By the way, we were on Wonderama all the time. Sandy Becker was my cousin.

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