Thursday, October 30, 2008

KV Archival Photo Bonanza 3

from Paula Sanders (Romm)
My mom Rosalyn Romm moved into KV in 1936 with her parents, sister Libby, brother Marty, foster brother and grandmother. None of them ever left. My mom died in her apt in 2003. She was a regular Friday night Mahjong player. The game was raided once in our apt by the cops who wound up staying for coffee and cake. Some people may remember my dad Sam. He was in a wheelchair from 1947 until he died in 1981. All day family and friends visited. Our door was never locked. My parents were Sam and Rosalyn Romm. We lived at AB2. My grandparents were Sam And Kate Michelson. My uncle Marty is the boy in the white suit. My aunt Libby lived in EAPH and died in 1999.

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