Wednesday, October 29, 2008

PS 177: First Grade 1959-1960

from Nancy Merill:
Found my first grade picture from P. S. 177. Also in my class:
Ronnie Sosinsky, Bradley Joe, Sarah Wenig, Judy Schnieder, Jeffrey Nathanson, Paul Levine, Lisa Raskin, Susan Sing, Gary Wynshaw, Angela Hyman, Joel Bloch, Denise Rothstein, etc., etc. The teacher was Mrs. Daniels


vapper12 said...

I just saw this great photo. I'm in it also. Valerie Aviles, first picture. It was so much fun to see this old photo. I also have the LIFE magazine that featured our third grade class visit to Picasso. It is LIFE May 18, 1962. Many photos and letters of our 3rd grade class appeared in the LIFE article. I would love to be able to add some of this to the blog. Big shout out to Denise and Dawn Rothstein, Nancy Merill, and Susan and Nancy Sing. From Valerie Aviles Perez

Stephanie said...

Great photo of your first grade class! Wonderful that you found it.

Can you tell me how you were able to get a copy after all these years?
I am looking for my class photo I believe 3rd grade, Mrs. Hommel's class, I was a student and any help is appreciated.

Thank you