Friday, October 24, 2008

Sunday In The Park With KV

Photo courtesy of Sarah Wenig, I would guess it's around 1956-7. Notice the good humor man and the "wood" paneled station wagon. Can't make out what the store on the corner is called. Larry's Fabrics?

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Cathy K. said...

Yes indeed; amazing how instantly recognizable it is, even today. Responding to Sol's note to me on my blog, which might just wind up in use soon: I do indeed still live in KV, and have for the vast majority of my life since I was brought home from the hospital as an infant in 1959. I don't know whether anyone would know my family: Floramonde Wilson was my grandmother and raised me (she worked for a while with the nursery school that used a playground in the area between the courtyards); Judy Wilson was my mother, and Bob Wilson is my uncle (nicknamed Punch in his boyhood but no one has called him that in decades!). Although through the years I have lived in four different apartments here, I've always been in the West Court. Anyway: should you and your friends ever plan on coming down this way for a visit or reunion, I'd love to meet up with you! All the best, and thank you for giving Knickerbocker Village such a fine home on the internet!