Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Gustave Hartman's Last Residence, 141 E. 3rd Street: The Aglehoff Towers

from ny songlines
This apartment building with cool Assyrian detail was built by developer Samuel Ageloff for $2.5 million in 1928, hoping to lure the affluent to what was then the Lower East Side; the 1929 stock market crash put a crimp in this plan, but it's not true, as the Songlines once reported, that Ageloff committed suicide by jumping off his tower. His grandson informs me that the developer bounced back from the Depression, "enjoyed life very, very substantially," and lived to be 92.

a link to the Aglehoff Towers web site

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Anonymous said...

I run into people all over the NE who know of the supposed "Legend" of Sam Ageloff. How do I know they know? I'm also an Ageloff. I never knew the song until about 1990 when someone sang it to me...at a job site.