Thursday, December 4, 2008

Jack Kirby On Video

from youtube:
Jack and Roz Kirby appeared, along with other comics luminaries, on this episode of the Bob Newhart sitcom "Bob", where Newhart played a comic book creator. Also, In 1991, Glenn Fleming visited Jack Kirby in his home. Mr. Kirby told this story while Mr. Fleming videotaped. David Schwartz edited the video for the Kirby Museum in 2005.

If you're new to the blog Jack, aka King Kirby, was a LES boy who live on Suffolk Street, 76 Suffolk Street to be exact. His exploits there, as well as his WW2 service mentioned above, were inspirations for many of his comics

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Leona Raisin said...

Noticed you mentioned Bob Newhart in your blog. Fans of classic TV and trivia should play today's anagram game about [hearty blob], or Bob Hartley. I just posted it today.