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The Site Of The Israel Orphan Asylum

To give you an idea of how many kids were orphans, here's a list from the
DIRECTORY of Jewish Orphanages,Societies, Social Services and Orphan Train Destinations
in the United States
(just in New York State)

*JCCA Is the successor organization to the following orphanages, societies and others in the New York area which includes the five boroughs and Westchester County. Historical information on most JCCA orphanages are found on the JCCA Page of the web site. (JCCA Institutions are marked with *).
*1895 Hebrew Home For Infants [HHI]
--------Hebrew Infant's Asylum [HIA]
--------Hebrew Infant's Home [HIH]
--------Hebrew Kindergarten & Infant's Home [HKIH] (and Far Rockaway, NY)
1903 Hebrew Children's Home (Bronx and Rockaway Beach, NY)
*1905 Home For Hebrew Infants
1933 Shield Of David Home For Orphan Girls
*1938 Edenwald School (HOA Auxiliary)
--------Edenwald School for Boys
--------Edenwald School for Girls (also in Pleasantville, NY)
*1878 Brooklyn Hebrew Orphan Asylum [BHOA]
1914 Council Home For Jewish Girls (Brooklyn And Jamaica, NY)
*1917 Independent Daughters Of Israel Orphan Asylum Of Brooklyn
*1919 Infants Home Of Brooklyn
1919 Pride Of Judea known first as Israel Orphan Asylum Of Brownsville and East New York
*1921 Children's Day & Night Shelter
*1921 Daughters of Zion, Hebrew Day & Night Nursery
*1954 Girls Club of Brooklyn [BHOA]
*Jewish Youth Services of Brooklyn
*1946 Children's Service Bureau [BHOA]
1977? Ohel Children's Home
1879 Jewish Orphans Asylum Society affiliated with Jewish Orphans Asylum
of Western New York at Rochester
1927 Jewish Mothers' Club Nursery and Temporary Home;
Jewish Mothers' Club;Jewish Welfare Service
Far Rockaway:
1914 Children's Haven
*1954 Gustave Hartman Home for Children (and Yonkers, NY)
*1906 Hawthorne-Cedar Knolls School
and Jewish Board Of Family & Children's Services
*Jewish Protectory and Aid Society
*1919 Friendly Home For Girls
New York City:
*1822 Jewish Child Care Association of New York
*1822 Hebrew Orphan Asylum of the City Of New York (HOA)
*1832 Hebrew Benevolent & Orphan Asylum and
Hebrew Benevolent & Orphan Society of the City of New York
*1896 Jewish Board Of Guardians
*1902 Jewish Big Brothers Association
*1913 Hebrew National Orphan Home (HOH) (a/k/a Homecrest) (See Yonkers)
*1913 Fellowship House For Boys
*1913 Hebrew Sheltering Guardian Society Of NY
*1916 Wise (Louise) Services
*Jewish Unmarried Mother's Services
*Manhattan Residence (Wise Services)
*1919 Central Committee For Friendly Aid to Jewish Girls
*1919 Corner House
*1919 Friendly Home for Girls (auxiliary of HOA)(also Lawrence, NY)
*1919 Home for Boys of the Junior League of HOA
*1921 Israel Orphan Asylum [IOA]
*1921 Free Synagogue Child Adoption Committee
*1922 Jewish Children's Clearing Bureau
Joint Planning Service For Jewish Young Women
*1960 Hartman-Homecrest or Hartman Home for Children
*????Wayside Day Nursery (No information found)
Other New York, NY Jewish Orphanages Not Associated With JCCA:
1878 Lady Deborah Nursery and Child's Protectory a/k/a
Lady Deborah Nursery
Deborah Nursery and Child's Protectory
The Ladies' Deborah Nursery
Lady Deb Nursery
1889 Educational Alliance, Inc. a/k/a Hebrew Institute
1911 Busker Orphan Asylum Foundation
1914 Harlem Hebrew Day And Night Nursery possibly akin to Harlem Hebrew Day Nursery
1915 Brisker's Orphan Home
1923 Ninth Street Day Nursery and Orphan's Home a/k/a
Associated Hebrew Day Nursery; Hebrew Day Nursery
???? Hebrew Mutual Benefit Society
???? Judah Tourah Widow and Orphan Fund
???? Isachar Widows and Orphans Benevolent Society
1851,1854 Hebron Society for the Support of Widows and Orphans,
of Hebron Lodge #5, B'nai B'rith.
1848 The Montefiore Widow and Orphan and Benefit Society of the City of New York, later known as the Montefiore Society [not specifically for widow and orphan benefits].
1849 Widow & Orphans Society B'nai B'rith
1850 New York Hebrew Sick Burial Widow and Orphans Society
1851 Lebanon Widow and Orphan Society (incorp. ), of Lebanon Lodge #9, B'nai B'rith.
1851 Zions Widow and Orphan Society, of Zion Lodge #2, B'nai B'rith.
1852 Ber Sheba Widow and Orphan Society, of B'er Sheba Lodge #11,B'nai B'rith.
1857 Manhattan Widow & Orphan Assurance Society. [known to be a Jewish organization]
1857 Ruben's Widow and Orphans Benevolent Society of New York, of Reuben Lodge #3, Free Sons of Israel.
1857 Widow and Orphan Fund of Jordan Lodge No. 15, I.O.B.B. [B'nai B'rith].
1858 Levy Widow and Orphan Society, of Levy Lodge #5, Free Sons of Israel.
1858 Noah Widow and Orphan Assurance Society, of Noah Lodge #1,Free Sons of Israel.
1858 Phoenix Widows and Orphans Aid Society
1858 Washington Widow and Orphans Benevolent Society of New York, of Washington Lodge #19, B'nai B'rith.
1859 Jew's Asylum for Widows and Orphans
1860 Aryeh Widow and Orphan Association, of Aryeh Lodge #6, Free Sons of Israel.
1935 HIAS
1940 European Jewish Children's Aid,Inc.

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