Friday, December 12, 2008

Impellitteri, DeSalvio, The Orphan Asylum and The Tenement Museum

images are both mine and from the great forgotten-ny siteTenement Ads
The commentary about these from Kevin Walsh at forgotten-ny
In addition there are a couple of ads for Hersh's sacramental wine. Haven't been able to find out anything about the company, though.
You can see old phone number notation (the initial letters were eliminated in the 1960s) and pencilled-in inning-by-inning recounts of long-ago stickball games.
This just in...(8/22/05) Pamela Keech has sent along the old billboard ad for an underwear wholesaler that was under the modern billboard, but over the posters, for many years. Pamela: "When we pulled down the Trenk sign about 40 rubber balls rolled out and bounced all over the street. There were also Tab cans, beer cans that till required a church key, an O.J. Simpson football card and a cap gun."
The streets of the Lower East Side are still full of underwear wholesalers.

actually as of this date the underwear wholesalers are fading from the scene

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