Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cortlandt Street

Cliff mentioned getting his bike down on Cortlandt Street.
It was mentioned here back in December of 2007
from nyc architecture BY FRANCIS H. YONKER
Remember when the World Trade Center (Twin Towers) wasn't there? A 5¢ subway ride would take me downtown near the tip of Manhattan to Cortlandt St. [That subway stop is still called "Cortlandt St."] In the early 1930s, Cortlandt St. was known as "Competition Row" and later as "Radio Row." In the early 1940s, I was setting up a radio/sound repair shop, and I needed a set of Supreme instruments, such as a tube tester, an RF and audio oscillator, a 3" oscilloscope, and an RCA Rider Channalyst. For almost anything I needed I could go to 10 or 20 stores on Radio Row looking for the best prices.

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