Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jacob Javits: The One I Love Belongs To Somebody Else

great images from life Audio by the great Jo Stafford
Poor Jake. While he was working hard in Washington D.C, his beautiful wife Marion was engaging in hanky panky with Geraldo Rivera. Now, of course, Jake might have been making a lot of connections while abroad.
from national review
The Clintonesque parallels are almost eerie. In 1972, Rivera began a long-term affair with Marian Javits, wife of liberal Republican senator Jacob Javits. One of their encounters occurred on a day when Henry Kissinger was scheduled to have dinner at the Javitses' home. The Secret Service scoured the place beforehand, but as Rivera reports in Exposing Myself, Marian "wasn't the type to let a small thing like the Secret Service get in the way of romance.'' To evade the agents, they slipped into the Javitses' mirrored bathroom for what Rivera calls "one of the most thrilling sexual experiences I've ever had.'' That evening, as Rivera sat across the table from Kissinger, he wondered what the Secret Service had revealed to President Nixon's Secretary of State: "I felt sure he knew what went on there that afternoon — the Secret Service was in the next room, combing the apartment, how could he not know? — and the thought of his knowing made the memory even more improperly delicious.''

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