Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Positively 4th Street On 92nd Street This June

"Positively 4th Street" by Bob Dylan. Footage taken from D.A. Pennebaker's "Don't Look Back" and Dylan's 1965 press conference.
Arlene Lackow's husband Bob Levinson will be teaching a course on Dylan at the 92nd Street Y this summer
A Participatory Workshop Examining Bob Dylan’s Life, Art, Music and Politics
Bob Dylan-International icon, Oscar/Grammy award winning singer/songwriter, movie-maker, earth-shaker. He’s a giant and a genius as well as a multi-dimensional artist who is universally revered and respected for his stunning achievements in music, art, poetry and politics, and now in literature as well as on film. Dylan changed America with his powerful music for the first time in 1962 and continues to do so today with mold-breaking CD’s and a ‘Never Ending Tour’ made up of startling concert performances. Say something about him and you'll get an impassioned range of adoring and/or critical responses-'He's the Voice of his Generation,' 'He can't sing,' 'Is he still around’ or, 'His latest CD is his best ever!" Dylan’s Chronicles I was a Times Best Seller and a National Book Award nominee, Martin Scorsese’s Dylan Documentary, ‘No Direction Home,’ was universally praised, winning countless awards. Bob’s on XM/Sirus Radio every week. Join us in this intellectually stimulating, unique, student-friendly workshop where we’ll examine Bob Dylan’s remarkable life, complex career, legendary music and unique forays into the known and unknown.
Class Date-Thursday, June 11, 2009
Time 7-10 PM
CED # is 9353
Section is C1
Course Title is "Like A Rolling Stone"
Thursday, June 11, 2009
Time 7-10 PM

kv chatter, from Sarah
Our 5th grade teacher, Sheila Shankman, sure was hip.  She wore her hair in a Barbra Streisand 'page-boy', after all.  One morning Miss Shankman came to class very, very excited.  She called the class to order and announced that the night before, she had seen a genius that we just had to know about.  Mrs. Lapping wheeled in the school's 'victrola' and Mrs. Shankman, slid an LP out of its cover showing a man and woman strolling arm in arm down a foggy, blue-ish, cobblestone street.  I don't know what songs were on the Top 10 list at the time but my musical tastes ran the gamut of Shelley Fabres' Johnny Angel to the Broadway cast album of Anthony Newley's Stop the World I Want to Get Off.  I am sure that my classmates were likewise musically entertained because once Mrs. Shankman placed the needle on the record and the nasal strains of Dylan's voice were in the air - we all looked at each other in stunned silence.  Had Miss Shankman gone crazy over night?  You called this music..., genius yet?  A few seconds later and as the giggles infected the entire class, Miss Shankman picked up the arm of the record player, slipped the album into the cover and went on with the lessons of the day.  That was the first time I heard Dylan.

from Marv
We went to Dylan's "Rolling Thunder Review" concert in 1975 in New Haven, Ct. Laura was already at her due date with Becky our oldest daughter and the womb was definitely rocking to the music. We occasionally remind Becky that that was the first concert she attended. She was born a few days later at Yale New Haven Hospital. I'm sure Becky would be happy to be interviewed in regards to her memory of the concert! Hey Al weren't (aren't) you a big fan of Dylan?

from Bob
I was at that concert in New Haven--maybe even with Al, I don't remember. Don't recall a pregnant woman rocking. Those were the days you could understand the words coming out of Dylan's mouth.

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