Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Positively 4th Street Follow Up

Bob made this statement in a KV chatter post about going to a Dylan concert in New Haven with Al. He was following up Marv's remark:
We went to Dylan's "Rolling Thunder Review" concert in 1975 in New Haven, Ct. Laura was already at her due date with Becky our oldest daughter and the womb was definitely rocking to the music. We occasionally remind Becky that that was the first concert she attended. She was born a few days later at Yale New Haven Hospital. I'm sure Becky would be happy to be interviewed in regards to her memory of the concert! Hey Al weren't (aren't) you a big fan of Dylan?
from Bob
I was at that concert in New Haven--maybe even with Al, I don't remember. Don't recall a pregnant woman rocking. Those were the days you could understand the words coming out of Dylan's mouth.

I don't know it's pretty cool to say you were a Dylan fan way back then, but could it be that he and Al were at a New Christy Minstrel Concert in Arizona? Check the last few frames above for some pretty convincing evidence. Part of the New Christy Minstel's then was Jackie Miller who was part of the team of Jackie and Gayle seen in this Sunday In New York video with Bobby Darin

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