Saturday, April 25, 2009

Naked City In Ward 11

from 90. Let Me Die Before I Wake
First aired: 2/14/1962, Writer: Abram S. Ginnes, Director: Paul Nickell
Guest star: Joanne Linville (Rosie), Jack Klugman (Joe), Louis Guss (Angie), Albert T. Viola (Phil), Paul Stevens (Nick), James Farentino, Michael Constantine (Vito)
A man escapes a hit and run attempt on his life made by his wife's lover.
Jack Klugman is on East 7th Street and the priest is either in the front of the St Stanislaus Church or the Citylight Church. He then walks east towards Avenue A towards the Funeral Parlor. That funeral parlor is ow the Jarema Funeral Parlor

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