Friday, August 7, 2009

David Alman

With the help of Leonard Lehrman of National Committee To Reopen the Rosenberg Case
and Michael Meeropol I was able to get in touch with David Alman. What a great discovery, both personal and historical
I lived in KV from about 1941 to 1957 with my wife, Emily, and two daughters, Michelle, now a physician living in India, and Jennifer, now a lawyer, formerly practicing in NJ, NY and about to take bar exam in Florida. My wife became a sociology professor at Douglas College at Rutgers University, and then became a lawyer in NJ. Emily and I met at Seward Park High School, on Essex Street, in  1936.
I was a NY State Parole Officer for about a year when we lived at KV . Became a writer and Emily and I got interested in the Rosenberg-Sobell case in 1951 and were involved in the clemency campaign on behalf of the Rosenbergs. In 1995 we began writing a book on the case, but Emily died in 2004 before we had finished it. I completed the book and, since I'm now 90, decided to forego the 2-3 years of making the rounds of publishers, and arranged with a small press, Green Elms, to publish it. It's called Exoneration, and we printed a draft of the book about 3 months ago to circulate among historians and lawyers for their reactions. Official publication will be at the beginning of 2010.
Checked out the KV website. Terrific, but wonder where you find the time to keep it up.
Feel free to be in touch if you have any questions.

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