Thursday, August 13, 2009

Transfiguration Two Bridges Little League Team 1959

When Joe Bruno was in the city in July I asked him if he had any photos of his little league team. He didn't but he managed to find one through Lou Mingione.
I didn't know this picture existed until I saw it on Louie Mingione's wall two weeks ago at his jewelry stand on the Bowery, near Canal. He has his display/office right next to the window facing the Bowery. He copied the picture from a copying machine somewhere in the building. I'll try my best to recognize the faces. I can't recognize most but it was 50 years ago. Top far left --Louie Bonnano, next to him is Peter Caminiti, skip one and the next guy is Joe Graziano, Dominick's older brother--the family owned Graziano Funeral Parlor on Mulberry St. That's all I know on the top row. Second row far right, sitting slightly below the row is Louie Pace. To his left Larry Venturato, to his left Vinnie Adimondo, to his left Vinny Mosco.
Bottom row-- far left-- Vinnie Pitcherelli, to his right Peter DeCaesar, to his right Bernard Massachi, to his right Louie Mingione, skip one and I'm on the far right bottom. Also on the team were Larry Izzo, Louie Marino, Jimmy Collela and Robert Vassallo. But I can't pick them out. Johnny Motts came over from St. Joseph's to play for us the next year.

The posted version above has corrections from his original attempt. Joe called upon a former grade school classmates Madeline Cunningham and Frances (Gancio) Corino for help as well as Vinny Mosco and Larry Venturato
more from Joe:
This was our first year playing hardball. We finished in third place, behind St. Joseph and St. James. The next year (1960), we beat St. Joseph in the playoffs, and St. James in the championship game. Vinnie Adimondo was the winning pitcher.
I remember Bobby D., the pitcher for St. Joseph, had tears in his eyes when we beat them in the playoffs. He had tears in his eyes for the next 40 years when I mentioned the game to him.
Ray Williams was the pitcher for St. James when we beat them for the title. I remember Ray -- tall and husky-- towered over the players on our team. But we hung in there to get the win. He hit me with a fastball in the ribs that I still feel.
I don't remember the score, but it was a fairly close game. 5-2, something like that.
Bottom line, we had the better pitcher. Ray Williams was strictly a fastball pitcher. Mondo had a curve that froze the opposing batter. He was out best hitter too.
50 years gone in a flash.

The picture was probably taken by the manager Frank Mosco, Vinny Mosco's dad.
Sadly, Robert Vassallo and Louie Marino have passed away.

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