Thursday, August 20, 2009

JHS 65: Class 9-2, June 1966

Compliments of Donald Singletary

The Heinz Bauer above is 67 years old and is the 349th richest person in the world
Fortune: inherited and growing
Source: publishing
Net Worth: $2.6 bil
Country Of Citizenship: Germany
Residence: Hamburg , Germany, Europe & Russia
Industry: Media/Entertainment
Marital Status: married, 4 children
Education: University of Hamburg, Bachelor of Arts / Science
Third generation to run Verlagsgruppe Bauer, mass-media company founded by his grandfather 1875. The $2.2 billion (sales) group publishes everything from TV guides to special interest publications like Auto Zeitung (cars) and Kochen & Geniessen (cooking), to magazines like Neue Post and Das Neue Blatt. U.S. titles include First for Women, Woman's World and InTouch. Sells in 13 countries including Mexico, Russia and China.

in answer to Donald's comment below. I'm just kidding, but wouldn't it be a hoot if he was


KD COBRA said...

Are you certain that this the same Heinz Bauer?? There is another who lives on East 75th St. and is in his mid-70s. That age seems more realistic to me. He also has a son who is a motivational speaker who resembles him. Mr. Bauer also spoke of growing up in upstate NY. Did NOT strike me as from a wealthy family. From his stories about growing up he seemed typically working class.

KD COBRA said...

Whatever happened to???
Freddy Ng
Robert Hom
Paul Hatchett
Marilyn Nanton
Richard Ong
Linda Johnson

I heard from Micheal Sofikitis a couple of years ago. He is a Vietnam vet and spent some time in law enforcement. He has moved out of the city.
Donald Singletary

KD COBRA said...

RE: Photo above:
Omitted from the caption in the last row from left are: Nancy Lau, Lily Wu and Christine Johnson

KD COBRA said...


Timmy Chan, (much younger than us) from 26 Madison St. is now a one-star Chief with the NYPD

I learned this from Teddy Sampson (a retired detective himself) who was in town when his mother, Eugenia (Jean) Sampson passed away last week. Some of you might remember her from PDP, the school district place on Market St. near PS 177. She was also a devoted member of Mariner's Temple where her "homegoing" tribute was held.

Anonymous said...

I attended JHS 65 in the seventh and eighth grades. Lived in the Smith Projects until 1959 when we moved to East NY. So I attended 65 in 58 & 59 startin in class 7-2 ( as I recall we were tracked from 7SP to 7 god knows where). I would be interested in communicating with someone from that era.

Orlando Ortiz

KD COBRA said...

I just posted a blog on this site about our class. Its called "Class of '63 -- 6th Grade That Is"
Donald Singletary

KD COBRA said...

OPPS! Forgot to leave the info:
(its on

Sheila said...

What a surprise to find this. When I appeared in this, I was Sheila Bender. For the past 33 years, I am know as Sheila Orshan. I moved from the Smith projects in '66 to the Bronx. I now live in Baltimore. I lost touch with most of my junior high school friends with the exception of Lily Jung, who is 2nd from the left in our class picture.