Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Leon Michaels

In Leonard Michaels' new book of essays he writes about his father, Leon Michaels and the barber shop that he had at 207 Henry Street. It was near the Madison Street stop on the F Train. The barber shop was also a place where all the local characters gathered to shoot the breeze. Once when Leonard took his secret girl friend, of the golden shiksa variety, to a basketball game at Madison Square Garden he arrived home to find out that his father knew where he had been. It was just Leonard's luck that one of the guys from the barber shop crew had been at the same game. On his return home Leon said to Leonard let's take a walk. They walked around the block, I assume the KV square block, in silence. When the journey ended Leon said simply, "I'll dance at your wedding." Leon must have been quite a guy. He was an elder at the synagogue he attended and I believe it was this one which was right near the barber shop

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