Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Date With Judy

I met Judy and recorded this back on September 22nd when I went on an African American history tour of Lower Manhattan
She was in the IGC class at PS 177 and then went on to JHS 65. She grew up in the Smith projects and was a choir member at Mariner's Temple. Also along on the tour was another lower east sider, from "uptown" around 6th Street named Cynthia. By coincidence, Cynthia lived in the same building as my cousins.In an email she wrote:
I totally forgot about Club Lunch and we used to shop in Honey's all the time. I still have furniture from there after a million years.

Recently while practicing my fourth ward walking tour with Marty he recalled Honey's and how he had once bought a green striped shirt there that became one of his favorites.

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