Saturday, October 10, 2009

Venice And Park Row Theater On Park Row: 1940

I'm curious about that Corn Exchange. photo source


sri_devi said...

Vey nice photo! Is that theater still there? I just read a liitle bit about it in "Up In The Old Hotel" by Joseph Mitchell. I'm trying to find out more, but there isn't much informaton about The Venice Theater.

I would appreciate your input.

Anonymous said...

Great shot! Note that it shows an uptown 2nd Ave. train arriving from City Hall. Behind this train is a 3rd Ave. uptown train, also coming from City Hall, and in the far distance at the left is another 2nd Ave. train that has almost reached City Hall. That station was two-level, and you can just make out the double-deck structure at the edge of the photo.
The photo was taken from the platform serving trains that went to South Ferry. The Municipal Bldg is in the background at the left.