Sunday, October 5, 2008

In Old New York: From The 1939 World's Fair

From the prelinger archives, the movie description from a reviewer:
...its George Jessels Old New this section, we have, yes, the saloons and the dancing girls, and old time (not spelled tyme here?) movies. Why would Old New York play old time movies if this was a replica of New York? Places where you could buy good luck horseshoes, as in Good luck not getting suckered into this one, another (but significantly less busy) organ grinder with monkey, some photo opportunities with cut-outs, a carriage, a guy dressed up as a conductor wielding a GREAT dog creature puppet (reminds me when I had a baby puppet..), and a Chinatown café. After that, we go to the Bowery, where, yes, a burlesque show can be seen (Its either The Wrong Way or Dumb Doris BOTH starring Nifty Dolores!) I wonder if those mechanical dolls, the ones with the gyrating hips and perky nipples are in it Those are great! Not too sure about the doll in the gold lame outfit with the black hair lol. What do the girls in the show look like? Who knows? They appear on the barker's stage with masks on! Weeee-ha! We see them go to something called Life Class, which is another freak show it seems, rubber men, fat ladies, etc. Not too sure what the exotic woman was supposed to represent.. And that's it! Maybe not as great as the first batch, but a MUST

The movie was silent. I added Jimmy Lunceford's, "Stomp It Off" and Sidney Bechet playing "Petite Fleur"

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