Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Aviles Sisters

Above is Angel. We got an email from Valerie who's in Las Vegas and who just joined the ever growing KV community
Thanks for the info. The web site is great. I saw so many old photos that I had to laugh out loud. I saw the Picasso entry.I have the original LIFE magazine with that article on the shelf in my wall unit. It has always brought a smile to my face as I harken back to days of my youth. I also saw the year book page posted by Nancy Merrill. We all look so cute. I saw so many names of people that I would like to touch base with. Sarah Wenig, Denise and Dawn Rothstein, Susan and Nancy Sing, and Nancy Merrill. I have only fond memories of my formative years on the lower east side. I actually came from the Smith Projects across the street, but many of my classmate over the years lived in KV. What a great place to grow up. Well as I said I now live in Las Vegas. I moved here almost three years ago. My husband and I both retired from NY companies. I from Verizon after 24 years and my husband from the Gas Co. after 34 years. We had enough of cold winter, snow and decided to move to a warm climate. We looked around for while and decided that Las Vegas was affordable,diverse, and lots of fun. We are both avid golfers. Here in Vegas we can golf all year long. We are empty nesters with two grown children and one granddaughter. I have a new career. When I got to Vegas in 2006 they were desperate for teachers. They had a special program to get non-teachers into the classroom. I entered the program and now I teach first grade. I really enjoy teaching. I feel as if I am giving back to the community. The hours are great and I get lots of time off. I have lived a pretty simple life with nothing really great to report but I have reached a point of peace and contentment that is given only by Gods grace.

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nancysingbock said...

Hi Valerie,

It is so good to hear from you. Susan and I were talking about your family the other day. We will miss you at the reunion. I have three kids. Andrew is 19 and finishing his first year at Temple in Philadelphia. My twin daughters Lara and Jenny are making their final decisions. They are seniors in high school. I have been a principal of a wonderful small elementary school in hell's kitchen for the past 7 years. My husband Norman of 22 years is a lawyer practicing with another lawyer in city hall. Let's keep in touch. Susan has two kids. Lindsay is graduating from Richmond College and Will is also 19 finishing his first year of college. Susan is divorced. She teaches nursing at Morristown Hospital in NJ. Would love to get together with you one day.

Love, Nancy