Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cliff's Address Confusion Solved

Cliff wrote in Cliff's KV Notes 12:
Before I get into this installment, I want to throw something out there. I believe, early on, that there was one mailing address for all the buildings in the “10” court—“10 Monroe St..,” and another, “40 Monroe St.” for all the buildings in the “30” court. For evidence, check out Dr. Leon Sussman’s address on his letterhead: --40 Monroe. Check out my address on my war ration book—40 Monroe. Dr. Sussman was in the “E” bldg., and I was in the “D” bldg. at the time. The “F” bldg. is actually designated as 40 Monroe.
When we moved to HG9, I have a very vague recollection (I can push my 68-year-old memory only so far) that our address was 10 Monroe, and it soon was changed to 12 Monroe. While KV did have a package room, maybe they also had a post office on site, otherwise sorting the mail would have been a nightmare for the folks at Knickerbocker Station (unless the change came when the Knickerbocker Station PO opened up—just a guess).

Seeing the previous slide show with Norma's mother Claire Boodman in 1936 reminded me of the discrepancy that Cliff referred to above. The H building is clearly labeled 10 Monroe then later it was changed to 12.

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