Friday, April 3, 2009

Cliff's Slide Show

That Cliff's mom in one of the pics. In the background you can see Hanscome's Bakery on Catherine Street. I wonder why Gene Reiser looks so unhappy? I asked Cliff about the great color on those 1953 pictures.
Those pix are scans I made from original slides--Kodachrome 25. that stuff was unbeatable, and held up all these years without fading.these shots are virtually untouched

from Cliff: about the pictures with the teacher
For all the Stuyvesant H.S. fans out there--
This is Philip Abramowitz--notorious French teacher.
I was in the class of '57.
Abramowitz was famous for his ridiculous insults.
these are two I heard personally--
"If someone opened up your head, they'd find nothing but a vacuum."
"Your brains belong in the old monkey house."

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