Thursday, April 2, 2009

The George Gogel Story: Part 1

A picture from Cliff. That's George in retirement in Florida. I did research on the Gogel family since the family had an early KV presence. George's father had a store at 46 Catherine Street as early as 1917. George was born in the U.S. in 1897. He must have passed away, unfortunately, not too long after this photo, because he died in 1962. His wife Tessie was born in 1903 and lived until 1988. The Gogel family was here in the United States in 1889. George's father was named Marks, born in Germany in 1873 and his mother was Minnie, born in Russia in 1872. George had older brothers named Sam and Barnett and two younger brothers Julius and Percy. In 1900 the family lived at 315 Broome Street with a servant named Mary Marker and a boarder named Ruben Larkins. Julius and Percy weren't born yet. In the census piece below it's hard to make out what George's father did. I think it might be "Delivery." I'm pretty sure 315 Broome may not exist any more, since it was part of the section of Broome that was demolished around 1930 to make Sara Delano Roosevelt Park, between Forsyth and Chrystie.

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Bob's Blog said...


Hi. My name is Bob Gogel, grandsson of Sam Gogel and grandnephew I believe of George. I have started to do research on the family history and can't quite figure out what your connection is.

Do you have more info on the Gogels?