Wednesday, April 8, 2009

KV's White Shadow

I learn something new all the time about KVers, past and present, and some of the stories are quite extraordinary. I believe there is a KV "White Shadow," i.e. a guy pushing 60 who still plays a competitive brand of basketball. This gets revealed often, without braggadocio, in KV jock chatter. Here's a sample, told as part of the discussion surrounding the recent final four championships
I think Memphis and Louisville were thought of too highly. When Rick Pitino was the coach at BU, I was living in Boston and he used to let me play against his team. Half the time, he and I would guard each other. Despite the way he appears on tv(little) he and I are the same height/weight.
I also played a number of times w/Gerald Henderson while he played for the Celtics. (His son plays for Duke) Henderson would play in a competitive park in Cambridge. I was one of a handful of white guys playing there. There was also a tall, skinny kid who used to play there though I was never in a game with him. Patrick Ewing, at 6'9" was a student at Cambridge Ringe and Latin.

Here's a sample of another KV former athlete's exploits, but this guy is jokingly FOS
When I worked at the JCC in Cherryhill, NJ  some of the 76ers would scrimmage there including Fred "Mad Dog " Carter. I played him one on one several times and slaughtered him (I was just too fast and constantly blocked his shots). As a result he converted to Judaism and opened a kosher Pizza place in walking distance from where Murr lives. He wasn't great with math, charged $2 a slice and had a special 2 slices for $5. It was called "Mad Dogs' Pizza".

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