Friday, April 10, 2009

Mixed Slide Show

From Rich, Murray, Lew, Mark, Susan and Me
about the camp pictures(from Rich)
Although the pictures are nice, the one of interest is the photo of the group of boys and girls. You will see Ms. Bueller in the second row from the top row at the right end as well as Ms. Katz at the left end of that row. Not sure if you knew her, but Joyce Weinstein is next to Evelyn. Most of the KV group would know her. That picture was taken in the Summer of '64 as that was a picture of the Staff Assistants working in Camp Cummings. I was on the kitchen staff working as a waiter that year. The boy above Nancy was her boyfriend that summer, Larry Heinbach. He had a gorgeous cousin who I was totally enamored with. Went out with her a couple of times but she was in love, and eventually married, the "boy almost next door." The picture above is my bunkmates in Camp Edalia in the Summer of '63. The guy above the 1963 holding the sheet is Mark Vogel who was in our class at SHS. The guy to his right, Steve Grollman, who sent me this file, was a year behind us at SHS. Not sure if any of the KV group was at Edalia that year besides Stewie, who was in another bunk. Nathanson may have been there. Murray too. Not sure.
The girl next to Nancy was my girlfriend for that summer and another few months, and the picture on the bottom right of the brunette was my girlfriend in the summer of '66 and a few months after that.

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