Thursday, April 16, 2009

Nathan Steinfeld: WW 2 Draft Card

Mike Zane is a KV alumni by virtue of his parents and grandparents. Before his grandfather's store was on Catherine street, it was on Oak Street. I'm sure he knew the Solerwitz's.Mike and his dad are the guys who gave the world the kryptonite lockWe referred to Nathan previously back in December of 2007
From Mike:
You might remember my grandfather. He owned Nathan's House Furnishing, on Catherine street, between Henry and Madison. It was NEXT to the Rug Place, NEXT to Savoia..., and of course CARVEL on their right. You know my grandparents would close down some Xmas times and get driven up to Boston by a guy named JOEY...a friend of a friend...could never figure it out...he stayed with them for a week...oops...with us!
I could never forget you guys...knowing Bob, Marty Sklar, Alan gave me an entree onto a paved playground with all you guys...who believed they were speaking 'ENGLISH'.
Also the Submarine Sandwich...HERO, and where could you find a Pizza the size of a STEERING WHEEL for $1.00...I'm talking the 'OLD' car steering wheels. My Mom's Name: Lillian Steinfeld. Her parents: Nathan and Florence Steinfeld, Apartment: LG4 ( Alan Silverstein's family lived at the end of the hall ) Strange: Half way through writing your email I called my mom to verify the years she lived there. She cannot recall moving in. But got married 12/25/46...and my mom's cousin Fannie and her invalid husband (wheel Chair ) Aaron ROSENBERG...No Not The other Rosenbergs...lived in the next building over on the Catherine Street Side.
So I'm MIKE ZANE signing off

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