Monday, September 29, 2008

Five Points Mission 2

A follow up to a previous post that showed the highlighted plaque
below information about the mission from the Five Points Mission site
Located at 69 Madison Street. The church was established in 1966 at Five Points Mission on Madison Street to serve the growing population of new Americans from Hong Kong and China; and the church's first community programs included an after school center, English language class for adults, boy scouts, Chinese folk dance class and the summer children's center. In 1970 the church was renovated and additional spaced added. In 1972 the Chinese Methodist Center was formed. As the church grew, new programs were continually added; and today the center has 8 full time and 33 part time staff members. Programs include the Mei Wah Day Care Center, The Mei Wah School-After School Center, Chinese Methodist English Institute, A Your Recreational Center, A Community Service Group, A Summer Day Camp, Tai Chi Chuan, Piano Lessons and a wide variety of programs for high school and college students. Chinese language and English languages church services are held, and the Flushing Mission in Queens has many programs for new Americans. The church acts as an advocate and participates in community affairs.

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Eric B said...

WOW! Researching the whole Five Points history, I never knew what happened to the Mission after the original Five Points land was cleared in the 1910's! It seemed like it just disappeared. Figure it might have moved somewhere, but no one ever said where.