Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Stan Getz: Seven Steps To Heaven

Stan Getz plays "Seven Steps To Heaven" for Ollie Shannon and for all those other KV related departed. According to the youtube post this was his last video recording and Stan knew he was living on borrowed time since he had liver cancer (which for a while he had put into a miraculous remission through diet and supplements). People forget how good Stan was. A comment from the posting:
Stan possessed the gift of perfect pitch, sometimes called absolute pitch and it occurs in about one in 10,000 people,and he was one of the best sight readers in the business, also he had an unbelievable photographic memory. I also mentioned before in other comment that the sound he gets is from blowing whole tones for 30min before his lesson when he was young. But most of that beautiful tone that he had also came from his cheeks, as if he had 2 large apples stuck in there.

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