Friday, September 26, 2008

KV Chatter: Hotline, Hotline

New KV members have brought with them enthusiasm and great memories and as they've interacted with the "general membership" new lost names and stories have been shaken loose from the KV tree of knowledge.
Some Point:
Gary and Carol Wynshaw or Winshaw? Kathy and Steven Manus. The Youngers, Dana and Judy - their mother's name was Dodi and the father was the minister at Sea and Land Church near E. Broadway. Another minister was Rev. Romig, he was the minister of the Baptist Church near Jim Jims. Patty and Nancy Merrill - they had a brother Buddy. (Nancy married a guy named Engel from Grand Street), Denise and Dawn Rothstein - their brother Seth lives on Grand St last I heard. Lisa Raskin, daughter of opera singer Judith Raskin - several years ago there was a wedding announcement in the NYTimes - she was living in the western part of Massachusetts and was a shrink. Dorita and Bernard Dolansky whose parents owned a store near the Pizza place on Catherine St - they sold children's clothes. There was a kid named Joel Bloch who had an older sister - he was a rolly polly, cute kid. Jeffrey Nathanson had a best friend named Sandy Stutz. Denise Feinberg who lived in the A building and its thought she had an older brother. There were the Kefers in the F building - the youngest was Paul - he had two older brothers, one named Loren or Lawrence. There was Marty and Paul Bronstein - their mother was Vivienne and they were somehow related to the people who owned everyone's favorite shlock store - Honeys. Honey's husband was Cappy. The Sonnenblick sisters? Debra and her older sister who went to Performing Arts? And what about the Rothstein girls -- Denise and Dawn? Has anyone found them? Do you remember the Feigenbaums? Ethel was the mother and she had three daughters, one name Beryl. And the Warbets -- Steven Warbet (his mother was Peshie). Ring any bells? Ann Lackow, Ida Schnieder,and Ethel Feigenbaum, and a couple of others played mahjong. Apartments were rotated but the only break were the summers. Sarah Wenig's mother, Esther didn't play mah jong. She played scrabble with Blanche Schefflin. Stu Schumer worked for Max Lackow (Hymie's brother) as a runner on Eldridge St. There was always great food on mah jong nights with Connie Francis singing Yiddish favorites in the background - and Hy Lackow always went out for appetizing on Sunday morning. Judy Schnieder has two brothers. Michael (66) lives in NJ, Mark (62) in DC and Howard in California. All married with children. In fact, Mark has his first grandchild. Arlene Lackow is now Arlene Levinson and lives in Rockville Center.

Some Counterpoint
The list below is loaded with my classmates (the 54-56 current age range)
You can add Nancy Sing to the list of 'where are they now'. She lived in Smith, had 3 younger sisters and a younger brother. Two of my memories of Nancy:
1) She and I were cleaning paint brushes from art class at PS 177 when Sarah Wenig entered the room to announce that President Kennedy had been shot.
2) I had a big schoolboy crush on Nancy...she was very pretty. Her dad was Japanese; her mom was Pennsylvania Dutch....but alas, if memory serves me, she preferred Mark Schumer.......Mark, I've gotten over it...and I can't blame her for having good taste!
As for the list: Gary Winshaw was one of the pack that included Paul Levine, Bradley Joe and me...Gary lived on the first floor of the D building (our 'speak easy' entrance into 'K & K'...his dad was a fireman. Dana and Judy Younger were close in age...I was in classes with Dana up until 2nd grade; then with Judy starting in 4th grade (I skipped 3rd) I remember their dad, the minister. Michael Romig's dad was also a minister. Since we all lined up in 'size places', I spent a lot of time either directly in front or behind Michael, depending on the relative size of the heels on our shoes, on any given day. I remember Nancy Merrill's face, as if I was looking at a picture right now...the guy named 'Engel' that she married was either David or Michael. David Engel and I went to summer camp together...he had a great imagination...his older brother Michael had a 'tough guy' reputation from a particular incident that pre-dates my being friends with him. We regarded Mike as a good friend to have around if 'opposing forces' approached. Denise and Dawn Rothstein were a couple of cuties...and very sharp! Denise is my age; Dawn a year or two younger. I saw Denise last when she came by my store on Orchard St back in the 80s...I remember their mom as being very nice...lots of personality. I went to nursery school with Lisa Raskin...I remember that we had play dates then...her mom had a beautiful voice (Judith) does my mom! Dorita Dolnansky was in my 'up to 2nd grade classes'...her brother Bernard was about 4 years younger (my brother Bill's contemporary) I remember that Bernard got picked on often my his 'friends'...As an older kid, I took a liking to Bernard, and would often make him laugh. As an adult, Bernard would come into my shirt store from time to time. He shared with me stories of some of the cruel kids who picked on him...I have from time to time, warned my brother Bill to 'watch his back'...Bernard may be gunning for you!...Bill claims that he was 'less cruel' to Bernard than the others...I believe him. I remember Joel Bloch...but mostly the 'rolly polly, cute kid part'...he was a good guy.Sandy Stutz was in classes with me, Jeffrey Nathanson, Paul Levine, Michael Romig.....I remember that he was smiling much of the time...nice guy! (He was on the part of the 'size places line' that featured Michael, Paul and myself) Paul Keifer I see often...he lives in Southbridge, as do my brother Joel and I. Debra Sonnenblick was the poster girl for 'shy'...she was very sweet, and very smart. David Aaronson was also a 'runner' for the jewelers on Eldridge St...I would pass by their shops (near JHS 65) and look into the windows...several had calendars featuring provocative photos of the type of women that made 11 and 12 year old male minds fantasize... I remember Seth Low...but apparently I don't recall his Hullabaloo sister...or at least I don't connect the two. Judy Schneider lived in the A building (11 H)...we lived in 8H...the Buellers in 9H...I remember Judy well...and her brother Mark, and her mom. Arlene Lackow was one of the organizers of a reunion that was held at the hotel in the World Trade Center in the late 80s (?)...many of the current KV bloggers were there...I'm sorry to hear about Burton. ...and Sarah, I certainly remember you well! From Nursery school had the type of laugh that sitcoms 'can'...I have a silly memory that involves you and I sharing our 'lunchbox lunches' sandwich; your Fritos. ......Now that I've emptied out a part of my brain, I need a nap! (or a restorative instant beverage

More Counterpoint
WOW...this is amazing! Arlene Sonnenblick was my age...I remember going to Camp Edalia with her - I think I have the picture..if not, Tina Pappas Tilzer does
Ilene Block (Goldsman) has a brother Joel...they lived in the the Smith Projects - her father still lives there and she lives in Queens - I'm seeing her on Columbus Day in nyc - we recently 'found' each other...Denise Fineberg. I think, lived in my building (A) and had an older brother...who was my age and the name escapes me right now- if the same one, I think she lost her father at a young age. Beryle Feigenbaum was a friend also...I think she lived in "C" building - same as the Aaronsons....Is that right Elaine? I thought Arlene Lackow lived in my building..I remember her father had a store on Orchard Street. She was older than me so we only saw each other in the elevator or lobby. Gerna Dolnansky owned the children's clothing store on Catherine a few stores away from the pizza place. It may have been called "Gerna's."

and More:
I lived next door to the Raskins on the 10th floor of the I (eye) Bldg. Imagine how lucky I was to wind up between Judith Raskin rehearsing on one side of me and Marty B.'s family of musicians on the other. When Judith wanted Lisa and Jonathan to come up from the park for dinner, she'd stick her head out the window and operatically yell (sing?) "Jonathan...Lisa..." You'd have to be there--it didn't sound anything like other parents yelling for their kids. As I recall, Mr. Raskin was a psychiatrist, which ties in with Lisa's vocation.


Anonymous said...

Wow, read through the comments, so interesting. Glad I came across this site. OK, a couple of mentions Denise Feinberg, she lived in the A building, nice girl, very funny & very cute. She had 2 brothers, her father passed away when she was young. I think the Dolnansky store was called "Gerbers" not sure. Loved the store Honeys, never knew what you'd find there. Anyone know where Frank Perro is, I think he lived in the F building. PS 177, the K&K, all great memories.

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Anonymous said...

I have some infor to add to your list. Denise Rothstein lives somewhere near the village. Dawn Rothstein is a photographer who lives in Paris. There is a Seward Park Group that has caught up with each other on facebook. Does anyone remember Melanie Miller, she was younger than us and now lives in Jersey. As far as my brother goes, most of the kids I remember really tortured him and he did not deserve it. I love your web site and comments. Those certainly were the good old days.

Renée said...

Wondering about those Feigenbaums? I am Ethel's granddaughter and just came across this post... Ethel and David have now passed on...their 3 daughters Linda (Teaneck, NJ), Susan (Atlanta, GA) and Beryl (Brooklyn, NY) love to giggle about the KV days and point it out when we drive past the area.

Jeff said...

hello my old freind bernie dolnasnsky.we went to the same name is jeff came to my 10 year birthday party..i still have the pixs.of us...we used to go to your mothers the celler..back e mail is