Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Julius LaRosa: Crazy Rock N' Roll Party

Julie attempts to get down with the rock n rollers in the 50's
Rachel Rosenthal recently found the KV blog and mentioned her. Hey Rachel I emailed you
Blogger Rachel said...
I knew Reggie when I lived in his building (40 Monroe Street). I spent a great deal of time playing with Reggie and knew his family very well. I lived at FI10 and Reggie lived a floor or two below. We had many friends in the building including.......Steven Pelly, Laurie Puhn and others that I can't remember. Our other friends were Cynthia Miller, Eddie Applebaum (Toby), Lynn Steinberg, Lois Ebert (mother Pearl,father Jerry), Judy Platin, Joel Sosinsky and certainly many others. I came upon this blog and memories flooded back............please contact me if anyone reads this and shares the history.

A remembrance of Son Of Seth about Cynthia Miller
I remember Cynthia Miller very well. Her mother and Peter Levine's mother (Penthouse E-Building) threw what they called a "social." It was the first party with slow dancing that I ever went to. It was kind of bewildering, I remember it as a kind of surreal. The memory and associations of Peter Levine's mother's lamb chops hung deliciously in the air. There were songs like "Put Your Head on my Shoulders," and "When a Girl Changes from Bobby Sox to Stockings" playing. I remember that Cynthia was younger than I was. And I danced with her and she was flirty, or something I interpreted as flirty, and I was smitten with her. I think the event actually took place at Peter Levine's house now that I think about it but Cynthia's mother was the co--parent host. Strange, that party stayed with me and about fifteen years ago i saw this woman on the Upper West Side who I thought might be Cynthia Miller and reacted like I'd seen a ghost--or maybe more like an angel. Someone otherworldly in any case. Turned out it was someone else of course but I did go up and ask her if her name of was Cynthia and she probably thought I was hitting on her. Anyhow, there were ornamental faux chandelier ornaments on the piano in Peter Levine's living room. Strands of costume jewelery beads that hung down in rows, clear "diamond" and strikingly pretty emerald. Memories as fragile as nearly forgotten dreams. Cynthia had warm brown eyes and brown hair and she was cute in a teddy bear kind of way. I thought of her as an ordinary pretty girl--which made her adorable. The genuine article. But young for me, probably two or three years younger than I was. I was a big dude back then you have to remember. Probably in second grade.

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