Wednesday, February 11, 2009

1975: Can The Rosenberg Case Be Reopened?

33 years later many, but not all, of the documents were released. The lies of the Greenglass' were highlighted in the previous post. We discussed the release of those documents back in November You can view part 2 of this 1975 video here
About the above:
Produced in 1975. Begins with a historical review narrated by Sally Kemp & Paul Jenkins; followed by Lee Grant's description of the Feb. 2, 1975 Santa Monica Civic Auditorium "Rally To Reopen The Rosenberg Case," where 3,000 spectators, plus 26 performers, including Henry Fonda, Martin Sheen, & Roscoe Lee Browne, were teargas bombed by US Nazis; Robert Carl Cohen interviews attorneys Ben Margolis, Luke McKissack, & Michael Meeropol, one of the Rosenbergs' sons, regarding the legal & political possibilities of reopening the infamous case.

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