Friday, February 20, 2009

Family Reunion: Eldridge Street Synagogue

Back on December 14, 2008 Arlene Lackow, Bob Nathanson and Marty raised the KV "flag" at a family reunion event at the Eldridge Street Synagogue. Bob and Marty's memories were recorded on the Eldridge Street's reunion site
Came here in the early 1950's, living in Knickerbocker Village, right next door to by good buddy, Marty (sitting here). My grandfather Joseph and my father Moe davened here usually just for the High Holy Days, although my grandfather was more observant and lived for a time on the LES. He would come during the week. Visiting today, I had a chance to sit in the pew where I sat for several years with my father and grandfather. I had a wonderful recollection of my father tickling me with fringes of his Tallis. I also must say that I couldn't stand sitting in the sanctuary all day and my friends and I would cut out with all kinds of excuses and run around the basement and the streets outside the synagogue playing Hide and Seek and Ring-a-leevio. Problem was we got all sweaty and dirty and our fathers knew just what we were doing. We heard about it on the way home.

Friend of Bob Nathanson, who taught me everything I know...
When I was a kid I went to the Pike Street Synagogue. I remember going there with my grandmother on a night when they were blowing the Shofar and like Bob, whenever I would go to a synagogue, I would spend most of my time outside. I remember when my grandmother came out, she said to me "Did you hear the Shofar?" I subsequently learned that all Jews are supposed to hear the Shofar when it is blown on the High Holidays. She got very upset and started to cry. I said, "Grandma, did you mean that horn thing?" and she would stop crying. I remember walking back to the house with her. It was a defining memory of my grandmother, Goldie.

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