Monday, February 23, 2009

Winnie's Bar And Grill, 104 Bayard Street

A don't know about my source from the last post about Winnie's? This guy doesn't appear to be unsavory, maybe untalented.
Some reviews:
The Scene
The waiters and the owner at this seedy little bar are unconscionably rude, and the female hostesses can't make a drink to save their lives--something about their foxy attire makes you think they weren't hired for their skills behind the bar--but everyone, from police officers to white-collar Wall Street boys, flocks to Winnie's.
The Draw
OK, so you have to pay. But from "Hotel California" to "Love Me Tender," they've got all your favorites on the machine, and the hostesses love to sing duets with the occasional "special" customer--who could be anyone from a little person to an eye patch-sporting six-footer.
No other karaoke bar exerts the magnetic pull on both hardcore Asian mic fiends and downtown hip kids that Winnie's does. Here you'll witness not just mangled "Endless Love"s but a bracing dose of Mandarin pop songs favored by the local clientele, as well as by Winnie herself, who often shows up to survey the booze-drenched scene. The staff quickly makes you feel like family too, offering shots of "Hawaiian Punch"—a lethal concoction that will have you passed out in one of the oversized red booths in no time. You won't even notice the convicts being led in shackles into the Manhattan Criminal Courthouse next door. — Matt Dobkin
Karaoke $1 per song
great pace - easy going - no hold barred [ except when i tried to sing accapella ] if you're lucky, winnie and her brother walter will treat you to a cantonese classic on a late saturday night
This is a dive bar, that is part of the attraction. Drinks are decent priced, people are very friendly... it is always a fun time. Many places charge for the songs.... so what.... I would rather hang here than any of...

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