Monday, February 23, 2009

The KV Verdict: Jerry Lewis May Not Be So Funny

Poor Al didn't know what he started when he brought up Jerry Lewis' award last night among Kvers. More on this. Here's a 1967 password clip courtesy of WFMU and youtube
Perhaps no other performer in the 20th century made more awkward statements than Jerry Lewis. His list of hits and misses is unequaled, and I mean both professionaly and off the stage. Often when Jerry was out of his bombastic character, appearing as himself, he seemed somewhat incapable of ... well I don't know of what ... but it was always awkward. Take for instance this 1967 appearance on the game show Password hosted by Allen Ludden. On the show a celebrity was teamed up with a non-famous contestant. Oh, that poor, poor contestant playing with Jerry Lewis. Lewis looks like he'd like to murder the guy.

More testimony about the Jerry from the Progressive
as well as the xrayblog
btw Jerry Kuperstein is a funny KVer

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