Wednesday, February 18, 2009

President's Week Special: Pearl And Dover Street Panoramic Movie

A Panoramic Movie made at the intersection of Pearl and Dover Streets. This is adjacent to the Brooklyn Bridge's SW side. At the Bridge's side, where there is a yellow cab, a plaque is located commemorating the site of President Washington's mansion when his Presidency began in New York City.

originally from give us each day our daily pan
from the KV memory archives, the scene of a mugging, by Son Of Seth
Yes, I was thrown out of the Canal theater a number of Saturdays for rolling in the aisles laughing. I think one of the movies that prompted my gaiety was "Psycho" - the shower scene. What can I tell you? I guess I wasn't tuned into the mood at the time. Also I saw many rock and roll movies at the Canal, Elvis films and the Murray the K fests. Saturday I often would go there with Joey Maldonado and his cousins. We would load up on candy by the quarter pound from that obscure bakery that was just around the corner on Madison Street, quarter block from Catherine - around the corner from the Brokowsky's fruit store, Gogol's and the pharmacy on the corner, next to the newstand. Remember? By the bus stop. See what I'm saying? (In your mind, can you see it?) The bakery had golden and tan tile design but couldn't hold a candle to Savoia. No marble floors either.
I saw many a Frankenstein/Dracula/Godzilla movie at the Tribune near City Hall.  Also the Uncle Remus movie and a bunch of others.  Murray and I were involved in an incident, after exiting that theater - we were mugged - walking under the Brooklyn Bridge.  Pace College has expanded into the space.  It stood just as Park Row turned a corner towards the river and you could see the water.  As soon as you had a view of the river, you had a view of the theater.  See what I'm saying?.

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