Monday, April 13, 2009

Bessie Love

Bessie Love's movie was playing at the Loew's Canal in 1930
Bessie Love and Gus Shy sing and dance: "Gee But I'd like To Make You Happy" - from 1930
More about her early films from midnight palace
Love fared better in the comedies. The Idle Rich (1929) is a droll little film based on a stage play. She plays the kid sister in a middle-class home where the older sister (Leila Hyams) has snagged a rich husband (Conrad Nagel). The kicker is that he decides to give up his fortune and live like “ordinary” people. Once again Love is given a hysterical scene when she learns Nagel is relinquishing his millions. The Girl in the Show (1930) saw Love once again as a trouper in a traveling show. They Learned About Women (1930) saw Love teamed with Vaudeville stars Van and Schenck (who specialized in ethnic humor).

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