Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Recommended Reading: The Adventures Of Taxi Dog

from ny1.com
by Debra And Sal Barracca. Illustrated by Mark Buehner
Debra used to be Debra Miller of Knickerbocker Village. "Go know" that after the hullabaloo I made about "Big Yellow Taxi" we would have among us the author of the Taxi Dog Series
"My name is Maxi, / I ride in a taxi / Around New York City all day." This rhythmic beginning sets the tone for the beguiling tale of a former stray dog. Jim, a taxi driver, finds Maxi in a park, takes him home and feeds him and, from then on, takes his new friend with him to work every day. Maxi loves the sights, the sounds and even the occasional emergencies--but most of all he loves Jim, who saved him from the streets. Jim is surprised when he begins receiving big tips, but readers--and this canny canine--know the reason why. The Barraccas' narrative so perfectly echoes Maxi's jaunty attitude that children might suppose that being a New York taxi dog is the best job in the world. Buehner's black, yellow and white borders that surround the text cleverly suggest Checker cabs, and his use of dark, intense colors suggest a New York that is both familiar and funny. For dog fanciers, taxi riders and lovers of fine picture books, this is a sheer delight. Ages 4-8.

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